WHO’S NEW: Tracy & Jeff Day

Jul 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

By: Pat Winter

When I asked the Days why they chose to relocate in Albemarle Plantation when they had dozens of other communities to choose from, Jeff admitted that his friends, the Jacksons, did all the research. All he and Tracy needed to do was come for a visit.

Kevin and Shelly Jackson were friends with the Days back in their hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia. When the Jacksons relocated here, the Days came to visit several times, bringing their kayaks along to test out the waters of our Yeopim Creek and do a little pre-retirement reconnaissance.

On one visit about six years ago, Tracy toured a few homes with a real estate agent and found one on Yeopim Creek that had “four brick walls, a great layout, and was facing west,” important criteria for choosing a new home. They decided this home with its endless supply of wonderful sunsets was the one for them. Leasing it out until they were ready to retire was the next step.

Jeff and Tracy leased the house out to three different sets of renters until Jeff sold his dental practice in Virginia and the Days decided it was time to make the house on Yeopim Creek their own.

In June of last year, the Days began extensive home renovation projects. Because the property had been a rental for most of its “life,” many things needed attention and updating. In addition to renovations in the house, the Days added a pier and a kayak dock as part of the complete workover of their overgrown yard. They were finally ready to move in last December.

Although Jeff sold his own dental practice before moving to North Carolina, he continues to practice dentistry two days a week in a friend’s practice in
Chesapeake. Despite his busy schedule, Jeff, a Navy veteran, has found time to accompany the OYC on a kayak excursion and get involved with the local golfers.

Tracy, who worked in retail and in Jeff’s dental office, has quickly jumped into our active living lifestyle. She has joined the local quilters and stitchers, two book clubs, and exercise groups. Together she and Jeff are some of newest members of the OYC and Sound Sports Club. They admit to being “water people” and actually met at a party in the upstate New York Finger Lakes region, where Jeff’s hometown is, and where Tracy was a lifeguard and swimming instructor.

Together the Days raised three children, and Tracy remembers being a very busy travel field hockey and soccer Mom. Today all three of their children reside in Virginia, within a day’s drive. These include a son in Charlottesville, a daughter in Richmond, and a daughter and first grandchild in Leesburg.

“Our experience here confirms everything folks told us about AP,” commented Jeff. He went on to explain that he and Tracy truly appreciate the beautiful esthetics, wonderful neighbors, and the myriad activities in our community.

When you get the chance to meet Jeff and Tracy, be sure to ask them about their 17-month-old granddaughter. And be sure to welcome them “home!”

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