WHO’S NEW: Rich Billings & Lisa Engle

Feb 7, 2023 | Get to Know Your Neighbor, Neighbor Spotlight, Who's New

By: Kevin Jones

“It’s too peopley out there!” Lisa exclaimed. That’s a phase I had never heard before. Apparently, I don’t get around enough. As it turns out, a) The phrase is all over tee shirts, mugs, key chains, and the like, and b) She’s right, it is too peopley “out there,” but not here at AP.

That’s what drew Lisa and Rich to Albemarle Plantation—the perfect place to get away. When Rich and Lisa were contemplating marriage, they also discussed consolidating and where to live. Rich insisted on being by the water, but they agreed his condo in Virginia Beach wouldn’t work—too much noise, can’t sleep with the windows open, too much traffic, and the area was just too darn peopley. Lisa set out to find a great location and came across Albemarle Plantation.

They bought the first house they toured. She loved it, and he loved that she loved it. Located in Randolph Village, the home is on the water, has a dock and great nature views, and “Ooh! Look! Otters!” It was the perfect retreat for them. They got married, packed up, and moved to AP in November 2022.

Originally from Queens, NY, Rich served in the Navy for 20 years and traveled extensively worldwide. After separating from the Navy, he took his skills into civil service and the private sector, working in the IT infrastructure field for 19 more years until his retirement in May 2022. Lisa has lived in several locations throughout her life: Florida, California, Tennessee, and Virginia, just to name a few. She is an epidemiologist for the State of Virginia, working in Chesapeake. With 20 years in the field to her credit, she estimates she has about two more years until retirement.

Between them they have four children in various locations around the country. Settling in with the newlyweds are two rescue dogs: Ryce, a Yorkie mix, and
Stoney, a black purebred mutt. They also have a cat named Dooly.

Rich and Lisa love the community feel of Albemarle Plantation and look forward to getting involved in many of the activities soon. They enjoy kayaking,
biking, hiking, fishing, and the outdoors in general.

When you see Rich and Lisa at the dog park, on the water, or wherever, strike up a conversation, congratulate them on their marriage, and remind them…they have found the perfect place to get away.

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