WHO’S NEW: Peter & Lynn Roby

Feb 5, 2023 | Get to Know Your Neighbor, Neighbor Spotlight, Who's New

By: Kevin Jones

To all who read this, take heed…If your spouse challenges you to take them somewhere they have never been before, you just might end up buying real estate.

That’s exactly what happened with Peter and Lynn Roby. After their trip to Italy was cancelled, Lynn turned to her husband Peter and said, “Take me somewhere I’ve never been.” Being an ever-attentive husband, Peter noticed an article his wife was reading about a quaint town called Edenton. After searching through his own memory bank, Peter recalled a golf course that was in that area. About 30 years ago he had visited a newly constructed waterside golf course located at “Albe…Albemarle…Albemarle something. Albemarle Plantation?” Yes, that was it, Albemarle Plantation.

When Peter brought Lynn to AP, he noticed that a lot more people live here now and have built a wonderful community. As they toured AP, Peter and Lynn marveled at the crape myrtle lined streets, learned about the various amenities, including the pool and playground, and discovered the cost of living was lower than their current development in Hilton Head. They fell in love with AP and decided to relocate. In June of 2022, Peter and Lynn moved into their new home located in the Woodside neighborhood.

Lynn is originally from northeast Ohio, outside Cleveland, and Peter hails from Wethersfield, CT. She retired from her career as an administrative nurse supervisor for a large hospital system, and he is also retired from a career with Cigna as a mortgage banker. They have four children and six grand-children.

Peter and Lynn love to golf and very much enjoy living on the waterfront. They are big fans of college sports, but on Sundays you’ll find them cheering for the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots. Lynn has joined the Woman’s Club and CERT, and looks forward to learning about other groups here at AP. When their schedule allows, they like to travel to interesting locations around the world.

As always, be sure to say hello to Peter and Lynn when you see them. It’s possible you just might catch them at the dog park with their dog Rhythm.
To close, here’s an extra tidbit of information. If you plan on having a sing-along, or you have a band that needs a singer, be sure to invite them over—Lynn loves to sing and has a great singing voice.

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