WHO’S NEW: Mike and Georgia Hagan

Aug 10, 2022 | Neighbor Spotlight

By: Kevin Jones

“I can see my house from here!” Mike exclaimed. That was all it took for him.

Mike and Georgia were reviewing a building lot in the Bosher’s Point neighborhood and, as it turned out, from that very location he could look across the water and see his parents’ house…the house where he lived as a child.

Since they were starting to look for their retirement home, and Georgia happened to be in Florida visiting family, Mike decided to attend a ideal-Living show. When he came across the Albemarle Plantation booth, knowing AP was close to where he had grown up, he decided to sign them up for a Discovery Package visit.

“When you’re in the right place, you can feel it.” That’s how Georgia described her reaction on her first visit to AP. That feeling, along with the remarkable bonus of looking across Yeopim Creek to see Mike’s childhood home, convinced them to purchase the lot and start planning their dream house.

Upon returning from AP, they put their house up for sale. When it sold quickly, like so many others during Covid, they were forced to put all of their belongings in storage and move in with Georgia’s brother while waiting for their new home to be built.

Prior to relocating to Albemarle Plantation, Mike and Georgia resided in Maryland on a farm that Georgia owned and managed. She grew and sold a wide variety of fruit, such as apples, blueberries, peaches, and pears. She even kept honeybees to harvest their golden sweetness. Mike is retired Navy and a consultant for pharmaceutical companies; he thinks he has another year or so to go before fully retiring.

Since settling in here at Albemarle Plantation, they’ve bought a pontoon boat and joined the Osprey Yacht Club as well as the Sound Sports Club. They
describe themselves as foodies and love a fine bottle of wine.

Together they have four children and two rescue dogs, Sydney and Charlie. Georgia enjoys volunteering at the American Legion, in their kitchen and on
bingo night. When Mike fully retires they intend to do a bit of traveling and more fishing, and Mike would love to get back to playing golf. A world away but close to home…I think that’s an appropriate phrase for Mike and Georgia.

Let’s all wish them well in their new home, and if you’re looking to gain a bit more local knowledge, you might want to talk to Mike.

You can reach Mike and Georgia at: gagirl6153@yahoo.com

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