WHO’S NEW: Mark & Karen D’Addio

Jul 1, 2023 | Neighbor Spotlight, Who's New

By: Kevin Jones

Mark and Karen had been visiting the Outer Banks for years. Corolla was usually their primary destination. However, when they thought of retiring, the Inner Banks seemed a better choice. They were right.

One of Mark’s firm criteria was a home on the water. This was a must-have, no exception! They started looking in 2016, but as time went on they couldn’t find just the right home. Friends of theirs who live in New Hope, told them about Albemarle Plantation. They were eager to take a look.

Noticing AP is not a 55-and over, cookie-cutter community was a big plus for them. Having on-site amenities such as golf, a marina, and dining added to the feeling that this could be the hamlet for them. On Day One of their visit, all was as advertised, but one thing they hadn’t expected did stand out. While driving along Pasquotank Boulevard and following the white fences, they came upon horses. This was the only community they had seen where residents
could have horses, and that was a welcome surprise. As they came through the main gate on Day Two of their visit, they noticed the “Welcome Home”
sign. That little extra touch confirmed this was the community for them.

Mark’s mom, Ann, would be living with them, and their new home’s floor plan needed to be accommodating for everyone to be happy. While touring one of the homes in the Quaker Meadows neighborhood, the wish list boxes kept getting checked. As they were walking about the house, they noticed some pictures depicting various scenes from New Jersey. Being from New Jersey they recognized the locations in the photos, and this created an instant bond to the home. “This is the one,” they agreed.

Mark, Karen, and Ann relocated from Freehold, NJ, and moved into their new home in September 2022. Mark had retired a few years back and Karen retired last year. He was a regional manager for Chrysler Financial and she was a physical therapist. They have three sons. Two live in New Jersey and one in Washington, DC. They welcomed their first grandchild into the family last November.

In the short time they have been here, they have certainly gotten busy. Karen has joined the Woman’s Club, plays bocce, and takes yoga classes, while Mark has joined CERT and took a big leap…he bought a boat. Having never owned a boat before, he started his foray into the water with a pontoon boat, a wise and practical choice. They now intend to join the Osprey Yacht Club.

When you see Mark, Karen, and Ann out and about, greet them by saying “Welcome Home!” On a personal note, since we could all use a chuckle now
and then, I’d suggest asking Mark about that househunting firm criteria he had. Depending on your point of view, he did get what he wanted.

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