WHO’S NEW: Mark & Jaquelyn Rowberry

Dec 30, 2022 | Who's New

By: Mark & Jaquelyn Rowberry

We first heard about Albemarle Plantation from some of Mark’s co-workers and we visited AP when we were house hunting. In addition to AP being close to work for Mark, we were impressed by the beauty of the community, the amenities, and the safe and quiet feeling of it.

Prior to moving here, we lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for three years on a work assignment. Before that, we lived in Virginia near Manassas. Now we live on Cashie Drive in the Evergreen neighborhood where we purchased the home of David Goss and his late wife, Dee.

Jacque, now retired, earned a degree in travel and tourism, and worked as a travel agent for some time. She has worked in various jobs throughout her life and was a mother and homemaker for many years. Mark still works for the Air Force as a military civilian employee, although he hopes to retire in about two years. We have four children and twelve grandchildren. In fact, we are visiting our daughter and 12th grandchild as we complete this article. And all four of our children and two of our grandchildren have visited us since we moved here in June. I suppose they were curious about where their
parents had moved!

We enjoy exploring new places and have always been active in church and other volunteer activities. We like to walk, hike, ride bikes, and kayak, and look forward to getting to know our neighbors better. As time permits, we hope to get involved in various clubs, perhaps pickle ball, bocce, the AP Women’s Club, and others.


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