WHO’S NEW: John Robinson and Susan Loranger

Jun 23, 2023 | Who's New

By: Pat Winter

Six years ago Connecticut residents John Robinson and Susan Loranger were visiting their daughter in southern Virginia. While their daughter and her husband were at work, John and Susan decided to explore the area, taking a drive south on Rt. 17 toward Edenton. Along the way, they noticed a billboard advertising a place called Albemarle Plantation and decided to take a look. They had lunch at the Clubhouse, looked around the community, and liked what they saw.Over the next few years, they returned often, sometimes bringing their local family with them.

When John and Susan began to seriously consider a retirement location, Albemarle Plantation was already on their list. They liked the fact that the Plantation did not seem to be nearly as hurricane-vulnerable as other coastal locations, and had an active community with many amenities on site. Not only was AP right on the water, but it was located not too far from their newest family member, two-year-old grandson Noah.They moved into our Bosher’s Point neighborhood in July.

Sue and John are retired from Connecticut municipalities. Although John is a Navy submarine veteran who retired a year ago from education, he admits he still misses working. He was the IT Director and Human Resources Coordinator for his school district and served as both during COVID. This challenge appealed to John’s enthusiasm for problem-solving as he worked to keep staff and students safe while continuing to be actively involved in remote learning.

Sue served the city of Hartford as the Director of Grants Administration where she secured grants for city initiatives and administered awards to local non-profits through federal Community Development Block Grants, Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS, and Emergency Solutions Grants. Sue admits she enjoyed being responsible for both “getting the money and giving it out.”

John and Sue, NASCAR and auto racing enthusiasts, look forward to planning trips to race tracks they’ve never seen, and their excursions always include
a visit to wineries, distilleries, and food events along the way. They are the proud owners of a forty-foot camper, their vacation home in the Berkshire Mountains. This summer they plan to move the camper to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where Susan spent her summers as a child. There they plan to
continue the family tradition of idyllic summers spent along its sandy seven-mile shoreline.

John and Sue have taken no time getting involved in the AP tradition of volunteerism, already using their professional skills to help our community. Since moving here, John has been working on web design for the Bethel Fire Department and is also involved in Red Cross disaster assistance in eastern
North Carolina. Sue has offered grant assistance to Arts of the Albemarle and the Bethel Fire Department and enjoys preparing meals for those in need through “Lasagna Love.”

Here at AP, John admits enjoying yard work, but has found time to participate in our community bowling club. Sue, one of the newest members of the APWC, hopes to find a book club to help support her reading habit. Golf classes are a short-term goal for them both, and they would eventually like to purchase a boat. In addition to visits from their daughter and her family, Susan and John are looking forward to visits from Sue’s mother and their Florida-based son and his wife.

When you get a chance to meet John and Susan, ask Sue how you can participate in “Lasagna Love,” and ask John about how their dog Loudin got his name. And be sure to welcome them “home.”

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