WHO’S NEW: Gary Lico and Annette Bergh

Jul 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

by JoAnne Muzzulin

Gary and Annette grew up in Michigan and Illinois, respectively. After 10 years in Brooklyn and 27 more in Connecticut, and after Gary’s tumble on the ice, they were ready to escape New England winters. So about two years ago they went to a Live South expo and found a number of warmer places to consider. They looked along the Eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Florida and first visited Albemarle Plantation in October 2015. Besides warmer winters, the other most important consideration was finding a location with a sense of community. They found it here at Albemarle Plantation and really liked that we are a resident-owned community. They say it shows that we have an interest in the quality of life here.

However, selling a home in Connecticut in the winter of 2015 was more challenging that the couple had expected. They had already found a home here to purchase, but as months passed and the seasons changed, they were still without a buyer. The Connecticut home finally sold this past February, and their “hoped-for” home was still available. Gary and Annette were happily able to close the deal.

Annette is a homemaker and has many years of volunteer credits with myriad organizations and causes, schools, churches, communities, and foundations. Once the house is settled, she hopes to become active in exercise programs such as yoga and is especially looking forward to long walks around the Pasquotank Loop, as well as water aerobics, needlepoint, and women’s clubs.

Gary is still actively working as the global distributor of the hit investigation television series, FORENSIC FILES ®, which he developed in 1995. With 41 years in this very intense business, Gary is hoping to ease back somewhat and get to know people not associated with the television world. They both look forward to meeting and making many new friends.

The Lico-Berghs already own two kayaks and look forward to getting a boat. They can’t wait to get busy with golf and bocce too.

Gary and Annette have two sons. Greg, who is 29, is working toward his MA in Education and lives and works in Stamford, CT, as a paraprofessional with special needs children, including autism. His first loves are history and the arts, including opera, classical concerts, and theater. Steven is 26 and lives in Denver. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and everything the cool mountains offer for adventure. But he also loves music and shares his Dad’s love for The Who and The Allman Brothers.

Gary and Annette are settling in at Albemarle after only two months and have enjoyed meeting so many warm and wonderful people.

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