Who’s New: Eric and Patti Weber

Oct 20, 2022 | Get to Know Your Neighbor, Neighbor Spotlight, Who's New

By: Pat Winter

Two of our newest residents recently moved here from Portland, Oregon, over 3,000 miles away. Why make this long-distance move away from family and
friends? How did they find Albemarle Plantation? Meet Eric and Patti Weber!

When Eric retired a year ago, he and Patti decided they needed a change. They had been very active in their local golf club in Portland, but needed a retirement venue that could easily support their active lifestyle with a greater variety of activities. They looked north along the Puget Sound, but their real estate agent could find nothing for sale within forty miles of their target area. It was time to expand their search.

The Webers’ criteria for their expanded search included finding a home along the water with easy golf access somewhere along the coast of northeastern North Carolina or in South Carolina’s Low Country. Why there? Eric, a New Jersey native, is a graduate of NC State and Patti graduated from UNC Greensboro, having lived in Elkin, N.C. until she was 15. Both their mothers live in South Carolina, and the Carolinas are home to all their siblings.

Over the years this area of the country had become a kind of second home to Eric and Patti as they have traveled to the Carolinas often to spend time with their families. Patty commented that they look at this move as just a home base shift. With the Carolinas as home, Patti and Eric know they will be making frequent trips back to Portland to visit their two daughters and their families.

Last April Patti found Albemarle Plantation in a web search and included it on the list of places they wanted to visit. After their initial visit here, the Webers
were on their way to the next property tour, when they realized they weren’t going to find another venue that so closely matched their criteria. So they turned around and within 48 hours bought a home with a wonderful view of the Yeopim Creek off Cape Fear Drive.
They joined our resident ranks in July.

Eric, who worked in the insurance industry for 43 years and owed his own agency, has already volunteered his services to the Property and Casualty Committee. He was very active in the leadership of the Portland Golf Club and looks forward to getting involved with our Sound Links golfers. Patti, who worked in human resources for Symantec Corporation, is also a golfer and enjoys cooking. Both like to explore, travel, and enjoy activities that are spontaneous and bring them a sense of adventure.

One of their first AP adventures was their recent trip navigating across the Albemarle Sound to Columbia on a rough day. Eric and Patti, as first-time boat owners, made this successful trip in their brand-new 18-foot center-console Key West. But putting adventures aside, the peacefulness of our community is something else the Webers love, especially the view of dolphins playing in the Yeopim Creek while they are enjoying their morning coffee.

When you get to meet the Webers, ask them about their grandchildren, and be sure to welcome them “home!”

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