Who’s New: Daniel and Sharon Allen

Sep 2, 2022 | Get to Know Your Neighbor, Neighbor Spotlight, Who's New

By: Kevin Jones
Like many other residents, Dan and Sharon were struck by the wonder that is Albemarle Plantation. So much so, on their very first visit they bought a beautiful lot with thoughts of building their dream home.

In anticipation of retirement, Dan and Sharon searched for a community for about two years prior to visiting AP. While exploring, they discovered most communities did not fit their definition of the word “active.” They definitely wanted active and they certainly wanted water access. Both were found at Albemarle Plantation.

The Allens relocated to AP from Loudoun County, Virginia, their home for the past 16 years. Sharon recently retired from her position as a Special Education and Reading Specialist for the Loudoun County school system. Dan is a budget analyst for the federal government and anticipates retiring at the end of 2022. Relocating with them was their daughter Lauren and their three dogs, Hershey, Blanche, and Shaggy. Lauren will be going on to college this fall at Furman University. But things were not as absolute as this paragraph may indicate.

As Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted as saying, “change is the only constant in life.” Change certainly came upon the Allens a bit prior to their relocation. They discovered a house in Randolph’s Village recently put on the market and endowed with a large front porch. This was one of the main elements they wanted in their new home, and, as it turned out, the rest of the home fit their needs too. They moved into Randolph’s Village in June 2022 just after Lauren’s high school graduation. As I always say, “In the end, things always work out for the best.”

Dan enjoys playing tennis, pickleball, and kayaking. Sharon likes walking, tennis, and pickleball, too. She hopes to add arts and crafts as well as kayaking to her activities list soon.

A final note: one of the things that immediately stood out for Dan and Sharon on that fortuitous first visit was…the AP wave. Let’s all continue to pay a passing moment of respect to our neighbors, friends, and family…with the AP wave.

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