WHO’S NEW: Alex & Mindy McAdam

Dec 13, 2022 | Who's New

By: Kevin Jones

It only took a few minutes after coming through the main gate for Alex and Mindy to know that Albemarle Plantation was the measure to which all others would compare.

Having lived in the Fairfax, VA, area for the past 25 years, Alex and Mindy decided to look for their forever home. They gathered information and decided to check out a handful of communities. AP was their first stop—and AP was their last. As so many others have, they discovered Albemarle Plantation has more of a community feel. “Everyone was stopping to say hi and tell us all about living here at AP,” Mindy said. She added, “The welcoming spirit of everyone really touched us.”

Originally planning to build a home, they happened on a re-sale in the Belmont neighborhood and knew that was the one. They moved in this past July.

Alex was born in Scotland and served in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD). Interestingly, his grandfather served in The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) during WWI. Coming to the US, Alex was stationed at the British Embassy for MoD. He subsequently took on the role of Global Travel Manager for Freddie Mac. Alex continues to work, but these days it’s part time from home.

Mindy is originally from southern California and has traveled extensively. She was a flight attendant for several years before settling down as an elementary school teacher in Fairfax County, VA. When Covid hit, Mindy was forced to learn the challenges of teaching remotely, a very difficult task because, as we all know, children that age tend not to sit still for very long. She retired from teaching in 2021 and is starting to enjoy all AP has to offer.

Alex and Mindy have a daughter, Melanie, who found a passion for child advocacy and works in foster care. She resides in Lexington, Kentucky, just earned her master’s degree in Social Work, and recently got engaged.

Mindy loves the activity options here and has gotten involved with the Women’s Club, card groups, Sound Sports Club, and the travel club. Alex loves playing golf and is also active with the Sound Sports Club.

As always, when you see our newcomers Alex and Mindy, say hello and welcome them to our little nook of the world.

As an added bonus—ask Alex about being a pipe major. He is very skilled at playing the bagpipes and has played for royalty and presidents. Great stories!

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