Ways to Beat the Summer Heat at Albemarle Plantation

Jul 10, 2020 | Amenities, Life at Albemarle Plantation

“Albemarle Plantation is a community on the Albemarle Sound you have to visit to appreciate its natural beauty and water-related environment, the quality of life, the friendly residents and its wonderful amenities.” –Dave G

The summer season is heating up; and at Albemarle Plantation and that means one thing…..water activities! We all know that life in Albemarle Plantation is highly water centered; that’s why we love it so much! And with over 3,000 miles of inland coast line, there is no shortage of opportunities for fun ways to beat the heat in the water! Chances are, if you’ve chosen to call Albemarle Plantation ‘home,’ then some of your favorite hobbies probably include water activities. And there is no better way to cool off than splashing around making the best summer memories!

If boating, swimming, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing jet skiing, snorkeling etc. are on your summer agenda; you are in luck! Albemarle Plantation is the place to be for all of these activities! The Albemarle Sound is a popular destination for watersports lovers of all genres, particularly kiteboarders and windsurfers who require a large body of water to sail across at full-speed without fear of obstruction. The Albemarle Sound provides an ideal playground for these sports, with limitless amounts of open water extending for miles in every direction. With one of the largest full service marinas, it could not be easier to get out on the water. With access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf Stream, you can prepare yourself for some of the best sport fishing around too!

If you prefer your water fun without salt water and sand between your toes, we have options for you too! The Olympic size pool at the Clubhouse is great for relaxing, getting exercise or socializing! You can even enjoy the view of the Sound while you paddle around!

We all know that life on the water is just better! So, grab a paddle, a fishing pole or a snorkel and dive in! The water is warm and the time is now!

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