SOUND SPORTS CLUB NEWS: Rockfest Fishing Tournament 2021

Dec 20, 2021 | Albemarle News and Events

By: Reg Criffield

Rockfest Fishing Tournament 2021 enjoyed the best weather day and fishing results in many years. Calm winds and sunshine made for a great day with 31 fishing in 9 boats plus 12 on the dock in a second contest followed by 70 members at a Dockside Patio Picnic.

Elaine Cembor was the clear champ on the docks with three of the largest fish. On the boats we estimate close to six dozen stripes caught in three hours, so Judge Phil Shullo was very busy with weigh-ins of the keepers.

The prize-winning boat crews are:
• 1st: Cpt. Jack Supplee, Frank Gates and Tom Klucick (largest fish)
• 2nd: Cpt. JE Darnell, Lee Duncan, Charlie Pencinger & Reg Criffield
• 3rd: Cpt. Ernie Tannehill, Kevin Sheehan & John Pynn,
• 4th: Cpt. Tom Tetlow, Carl Lofhjelm, Rudi & Steve Harris
Our 50/50 winners were Ron Brogden & Bob Cotthaus.

Photos from this year’s Rockfest have been posted here:

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