Put Some Spring in Your Step

Mar 11, 2024 | Life at Albemarle Plantation, Tips and Tricks

by Cyndi Watters 

We made our way through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year. Many of us have used the winter months as a time of reflection and a time for creating a vision for the new year. 

We enjoy this time with many comforts— delicious soups and stews, drinks by the fireplace, watching our favorite movies, or reading a book as we curl up on the couch with our favorite blanket or throw. 

But with the Super Bowl ended and Valentine’s Day passed, we find ourselves looking forward to the St. Patty’s Day festivities while the crisp air, sunny days, popping greenery, and budding trees build our anticipation for springtime. 

With spring approaching, the energy of the sun-shine and warmer weather inspires us to more activity. Whether that is more physical activity or reconnecting with friends and family, we will undoubtedly find an improved overall mood and energy. 

Here are some suggestions and reminders for many of the activities this new energy brings. 

Jump into Spring Cleaning! While this may seem like a burdensome chore, the act of organizing your home will not only make spaces feel larger and invit-ing, but it will also help you clear your mind and find better mental clarity. It also provides an opportunity for more physical activity, fresh air, and much needed sunshine. 

Let’s Get Physical! The warmer weather and longer days provide a great opportunity to start an exercise routine. Research has shown exercise routines are easier to stick to in March, April, and May. AP has the beauty of nature and wildlife that will inspire walkers, joggers, and runners alike! Bike rides, golf games, fishing, and boating all take on a new life of their own at AP in the fresh air of spring. I, for one, can’t wait to see the turtles in the pond and Marina as I walk my dog, Bailey. 

Go Green and Light! Now is the time to move away from the cold weather comfort food and try out lighter dishes like salads or fish that better reflect the new season. Add a few leafy greens and vegetables to your diet. Our Thursday Farmer’s Market provides a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable options along with fresh fish and other protein options for you to experiment with this spring. If you have a green thumb, enjoy this time to start your garden and grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs. 

Embrace Community! It’s time to re-engage and make plans with friends and family. Warmer weather is a great motivator to get out and be social. The AP Social Committee has many special events planned for AP residents this spring and summer. Check out Nabr for details. The wide variety of social groups at AP provides options for activities that will keep you engaged all year. Also, keep in mind that our Clubhouse and Dockside provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy food and beverages while interacting with other residents. The Clubhouse veranda and Dockside’s back deck are also great places to enjoy our beautiful sunsets. 

Remember to include a quiet activity that allows you to focus on yourself solely each day, such as art, yoga, enjoying nature, or journaling. Any activity that relaxes you and allows you to quiet your mind and enjoy the fresh new energy of spring is a step toward mindfulness. 

However you choose to enjoy the new inviting en-ergy of spring, I wish you a fresh start with these tips. Rediscover health and wellness with the onset of warmer days and blooming flowers. 

Happy spring! 

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