Apr 27, 2018 | Albemarle News and Events

In 1663 King George II of England granted the Lords Proprietors a large piece of land that we now know as the Carolinas. Five years later, in 1668, a piece of that land between the Chowan River and the Virginia border called the County of Albemarle was split up into four districts: Currituck, Pasquotank, Chowan, and Perquimans. Although the shapes of these districts have changed, the date marks the official establishment of counties by those names.

Compared to the history of the ancient Greeks or the dawning of civilization in Mesopotamia, the founding of Perquimans County 350 years ago is rather recent and may not seem like a big deal. But for the people who call this area home, it is worth celebrating, for we are the beneficiaries of intrepid pioneers, explorers, and adventurers who came here to hunt, fish, and clear the land. More than 100 years before the Declaration of Independence,visionaries like George Durant bought land from the Indians and settled the area. More followed, including traders who recognized the value of waterways that gave them access to the sea.

On April 27-28 Perquimans County is having its anniversary celebration with a big party in Hertford called River-bash. One of the main events is “Dine, Drink and Dance,” a party on the 28th sponsored by Historic Hertford, Inc. and the Rotary Club. But there will be some-thing for everyone, young and old: live music on two stages, booths with handmade crafts, boat races, games and rides for kids, a fishing tournament, an art walk, food trucks, and more. Nearby at the Recreation Center the Master Gardeners will have their annual show, and outside the center will be a refreshment stop for the hundreds of cyclists who will be riding through the area that weekend.

AP residents may be recent arrivals to Perquimans County. But it’s our county now, so let’s join the celebration with many of our residents who are volun-teers at this event. Like the name says, Riverbash will be a bash.

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