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Mar 7, 2024 | Life at Albemarle Plantation, Resident Clubs, Uncategorized

by Jock Muir, OYC Director At Large 

On the Water Activities 

Steve Deutsch is heading up the Osprey Yacht Club Education Program this year. The first program of the year was held on January 23, at which time representatives from the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary presented a brief course on marine navigation and “The Rules of the Road,” along with the importance and use of VHF marine radios. While this program covered the basics, OYC urges its members to pursue more extensive and detailed boating courses offered by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, America’s Boating Club (formerly the United States Power Squadron), and the BoatUS Foundation. 

On Saturday evening, February 10, a seminar entitled “Suddenly in Charge” was presented by OYC member and USCG licensed master Jock Muir. This program explored the boating skills that need to be learned and practiced should the captain of the boat become incapacitated. The incapacity of a captain might well be a medical situation or a man overboard. Someone on the boat may be called on to stop the boat and put it into a safe situation so that the emergency can be handled. The skills needed may include operating the boat on a safe course or anchoring and communicating the need for assistance. 

Additional skills are needed to safely respond on a sailboat. Bringing a sailboat that is under sail to a stop requires the release of sheets that control the sails and allow the boat to stop headway. Then the problem of dropping sails requires the crew to under-stand these functions. 

Passengers and crew should know how to use the boat’s chartplotter, charts, compass, and VHF marine radio. Advances in VHF marine radio technology make acquiring help and locating a boat in danger easier. Knowledge of basic steering, engine controls, and anchoring deployment is essential. Those on board will need the skills to explain where they are located, determine their latitude and longitude, and accurately pass on this information. 

Muir again emphasized the need for formal boat education over and above the information put forth in this brief program. Muir’s presentation is available in PowerPoint format in the NABR OYC Group under the “Docs” tab in the “Training Sessions” group. 

Steve Deutsch has reported that in March (on a date yet to be determined) Buzz Savage will conduct a session on Shelter In Place Inspection Team (SIPIT) followed by actual inspections of boats in the Marina slips. This is a requirement for any boat in the Marina should the owners want to leave their boat in place during a named storm. Steve also reported that on April 13, the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be performing Vessel Safety Inspections primarily for boats in the Marina. But inspections will also be available for any boats trailered to the Dockside parking lot and, if time is available, to waterfront homes which have a boat in the water or on a lift.  

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