NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK – Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Fresh in the New Year

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NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK – Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Fresh in the New Year

Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

-George Bernard Shaw


The start of a new year brings the chance for a clean slate and an opportunity to reinvent yourself…why not carry that over into living space?! Changing the look of your home can be just the motivation you need to kick start all your personal resolutions too.  A change in colors, arrangement or themes can change the whole vibe of a space.  Here are 5 ways you can do just that!

First step?  Clean and declutter!  Nothing prepares a room for change more than a fresh, clean blank canvas!  Even just reorganizing under a bed can make you sleep better and be more productive.  A tidy area quiets the mind and can change your whole outlook! Click here for tips on decluttering your home AND your mind!

Now that you have a pristine starting point, where should you start?  An inexpensive and easy way to freshen up a room quickly is a coat of paint.  2019’s most popular indoor paint colors range from hazelnut to blues and greens and muted pastels.  You’d be amazed at the change a coat of paint or a fresh new design on an accent wall can make.

With the room brightened up and the potential for new colors and patterns in the mix, the furniture may be starting to look a little drab.  If your budget allows it, add in some new pieces to compliment your current decor.  2019’s trends include geometric patterns, innovative uses of metals and natural materials, bold statement pieces, lush headboards and so much more.  If you are still loving your current styles or are working on a tighter budget, freshen them up by recovering, reupholstering or staining your existing furniture!

Now that you’ve updated the furniture, why not rearrange it for a new perspective and a fresh look?  Brush up on your feng shui and get all your favorite rooms into a harmonious balance that will help you keep your resolutions!

We all know that the real difference is always in the details; so it makes sense that the final touches in a fresh new look comes in the little things.  Changing out fixtures such as door knobs and outlet covers can make a huge difference!  Cabinet handles and switch plates may seem trivial but they are an easy and inexpensive change.  You can never go wrong with adding in mirrors, art work, throw rugs and our personal favorite…pillows!

So whether you’re looking for a huge overhaul of your current decor or just a few changes to freshen up your look, the possibilities are endless!

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