May Garden Checklist

May 4, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

May is here and gardens are coming alive, this is a thrilling and busy month for gardeners. Planting season is in full swing, seedlings are popping, blooms are flourishing and some cool-season crops are ready for picking. Check out our May Garden Checklist for things you can do in this month to get you one step closer to a bountiful garden and lush landscape.

Planning. If you kept up with your garden to-do lists, you should have a good idea of what is coming up this growing season. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start a garden journal. Walk around your neighborhood, parks, or a neighbor’s garden, take notes and photographs to help identify them at a garden center.

Notice any pests presenting themselves in your garden and note any traps or companion plants pairings that you can use to help combat them. This is a good time to visit nurseries and garden centers brimming with plants and all the supplies you’ll need. Now is a great time to be getting fruit plants or summer bulbs.

Weeding. Pesky weeds are starting to make their way into the garden, and with a keen eye pull them early so they are easier to eliminate. Adding a few inches of mulch to your garden will help keep other weeds from propagating.

Plant. Fortunately, here in Hertford we experience a mild temperate climate and are in USDA Zone 8, affording us a long growing season. May is a great time to plant beans, okra, pumpkin, sweet corn, and watermelon. Plant only partial rows of beans and sweet corn so that successive plantings can be done every week or two. Sweet corn should be planted in paired rows or blocks for good pollination. 

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