MARINA NEWS: Have You Been to Your Marina Lately?

Jun 18, 2021 | About Albemarle

By: Kathy Hotz, Marina Governor

As many of you who walk the docks regularly know, the Albemarle Plantation Marina is one of our most treasured locations. The sunset views from here cannot be beaten. But do you really know what else goes on here?

  • We have 60 motorboats, 33 sailboats, and one jet ski currently docked at our marina. These are all privately owned, for which each owner leases a slip from AP Marina.
  • So far this year our marina has hosted 20 Loopers, boaters who stop at marinas around the Albemarle Sound, and we have many more reservations coming up. We are expecting about 100 Loop visitors this year alone. Three-quarters of these visitors rent golf carts, and 95% of them eat in our restaurants during their visit.
  • The marina houses four sunfish sailboats owned by the Osprey Yacht Club. These are used for OYC’s annual Learn to Sail programs and can be signed out by OYC members.
  • There are picnic tables on each dock. Some have umbrellas, but they all have million-dollar views.
  • A new work float for boating projects can be signed out from the Dockmaster.
  • PFDs of all sizes from the Boat US Loan Program can be borrowed from the large white box next to the Dockmaster’s house and returned to the box at the end of the day’s sailing or boating adventure.
  • The flower boxes near the Dockmaster’s office have been filled by the Flower Girls with beautiful flowers for everyone’s enjoyment; two other boxes are filled with herbs for our transient visitors. This is a big hit with our visiting boaters. This group of ladies includes Lois Pencinger (chairperson), Amy Denison, Lynn Giovinazzi, Barbara Savage, Joan Stefura, Bambi Vaughan, and Pat Winter who will keep the flowers looking their best until the fall.
  • The fishing and crabbing will really get active in June when the winds remain SW and the water temps reach about 80 degrees. The fishing station (pictured right) is used by many of our fishing enthusiasts. You can clean your fish and discard your used pieces of fishing line at the station. Monofilament fishing line should always be recycled to protect our environment.
  • Why is there a sign that says “NO Crabbing or Fishing Between Signs” at the end of the main dock and the beginning of A Dock? During the summer we have learn-to-sail classes. Children and adults get in the 3-4 feet deep water in the area where the signs are posted. OYC also periodically has a cardboard boat race, with contestants often getting in the water in this area. Fishhooks and crabbing equipment do not feel very good if you step on them. Hence the sign.
  • A brand-new ice machine was recently added to the Marina.
  • What is planned in the near future for the AP Marina?
    • 20 pilings on C Dock will be removed to allow larger, wider boats to berth on C Dock. This will increase our capacity for larger boats by 10.
    • 5 lease holders at the Marina are having lifts installed for their boats.
    • Two new benches will be installed on the main dock.

Have you been to YOUR marina lately? Come for the sunsets and enjoy the ambiance of an active boating community right in your own backyard.

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