by Travis Walsh,
President, APPOA Board of Directors 

Lee Duncan originally joined the staff of AP in July of 2017, when he was hired as Head Golf Professional at Sound Golf Links. Lee accomplished his job with experienced confidence; he was happy and so was the AP golf community. However, a need was arising… In early 2019, the GM of Albemarle Plantation resigned to pursue another phase of his career. And although Lee did not realize it at the time, things were about to change for him. 

Lee was an obvious choice to replace our GM, as he had been the GM/Head Golf Professional at his previous position. He originally declined our offer (remember he was happy in his current role of Head Golf Pro), but after giving the opportunity serious consideration and doing what he felt was in the best interest of the AP community, he eventually accepted. Lee assumed the role of General Manager of APPI, Inc. on January 1, 2020. In his new role as GM, Lee was responsible for maintaining consistently high standards of AP amenities, as well as the fiscal oversight of current and future budgets. 

As GM, Lee brought his good judgement, along with his caring and graceful management style, for the betterment of our community. Quickly the nature of APPI, and particularly the Food and Beverage operation, markedly improved. During his tenure as GM, Lee was met with significant challenges, especially during Covid with the closing of our community to non-residents and the desire to keep our staff employed. 

Along with the everyday details of running our community, Lee’s other accomplishments include: the Dockside renovation, involvement with creation of our new Five-Year Plan, and the hiring of quality staff including, but certainly not limited to, our Executive Chef, Jimmy Strickland, and our Front of the House Manager, Jennifer Pierce. 

I wish to congratulate Lee and wish both him and Laura well. Thank you, Lee for the arduous work you have done to make AP a better place for us all to live. You will most definitely be missed. 

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