KAYAK TRIP: Sawyer’s Creek

Oct 11, 2018 | About Albemarle, Places to Visit

By: Donna Beitzel

There, in the quiet still waters, there is peace. Birds floating in the sky and green surroundings everywhere…there is peace. No cars or motors of any sort. Just complete peace and quiet.
We are reminded, as we paddle along, of so many things to be grateful for. It is good to have a time of silence to appreciate beauty that encompasses our little world out here, if only for a brief time.

Twelve kayaks and canoes moving in sync along calm waters. Giggles here and there. We bond in a common appreciation of our surroundings. Oh, how very fortunate we are.
And then, after loading up, we head for a meal to celebrate together. New friendships form. Here the giggles turn to laughter. We share our stories and get to know one another better. No one fell out of their vessel, so it is counted as a great day.

Oh, how very fortunate we are indeed.

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