Home-made Remedies at the Medicinal Herb Seminar

May 15, 2024 | Life at Albemarle Plantation, Uncategorized

by Pat Winter 

Lamb’s quarter, gotukola, tulsi, and sheep’s head sorrel were only a few of the herbs taking center stage at the Medicinal Herb Seminar on Thursday morning, April 25. Under the guidance of Kirsten Bonanza, herbalist and empowerment coach, the audience at the Community Center was introduced to plants often regarded as weeds, yet containing medicinal properties for the human body. As Kirsten demonstrated how these herbs could be prepared for use as medicinal essences and tinctures, seminar participants were busy at their tables chopping and mixing ingredients to make some concoctions of their own. Preparing fire cider, lemon balm tincture, and pansy essence in this hand’s-on morning of learning was a valuable Iesson in how the earth’s bounty can provide remedies for our bodies. 

In addition to taking home the samples they prepared, each participant was given a tulsi plant with directions on how to dry the leaves and store them for later use. Lucky number holders received door prizes that included both books on herb preparations and plants themselves. Kirsten shared stories of her foraging adventures, including pulling what her neighbor considered weeds out of their yard. Home brewed hibiscus tea was also available throughout the morning. 

Kirsten, daughter of residents Jan and Melanie Bonanza, started helping in her father’s garden as a young girl, earning herself five cents for every bad weed and fifty cents for each tomato hornworm she collected. But Kirsten didn’t become interested in the healing properties of those weeds until suffering from PTSD after being in The World Trade Center during 9-11. She has studied with the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in addition to several renowned herbalists, and is also a certified coach facilitator in the “Access Consciousness” program. 

Kirsten’s enthusiasm for herbal medicine was evident in her lively presentation. She sees sharing her knowledge of the medicinal properties of herbs as one way to provide people with the tools they need to make life happier, as Kirsten aspires to be a part of creating wellness in the world. 

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