Grandma’s Playground: A New Playground for Albemarle Plantation

Sep 15, 2021 | Amenities

By: Patty Walsh

It had been six years since children in Albemarle Plantation had swings and slides to play on. This year, that changed! We celebrated the official opening of our new, commercial-grade playground near the tennis courts, followed a summer of happy children having fantastic fun at the playground. It all started when Ellen Chesney, Jennifer Poppert, and Patty Walsh formed a Playground Committee. We were a determined threesome. After much research and no funds, we ordered the first stage, the swing set. The residents of Albemarle Plantation financial support kept us looking forward.

The swings, chips and border around them were installed by Brett and his crew. Please thank them when you see them.

The main attraction is the climbing, slide structure. It was a monumental, challenging task to piece this puzzle together. Our deepest thanks go to Bob Peterson and his awesome crew: Jeff Dunn, Kevin Jones, Kevin Sheehan, Rick Minoski, Tony Edwards, Mike McGovern and Paul Hotz. They dug holes and mixed cement. They lifted and carried equipment and screwed it into place. They also assembled and affixed the bench, while Travis Walsh and Kevin Jones put the beautiful picnic table together.  Many, many thanks!

Thanks also go to Ron McCall who ran a raffle to support the playground. You are is amazing at fundraising!

Finally, we want to explain the name. A small group of ‘Grandmas’ formulated the idea, executed the plan and offered financial support. Then, we had an epiphany for naming the play area when Patty’s grandchildren told her via a FaceTime call that they couldn’t wait to see ‘Grandma’s Playground.’ Hence the name was born!

We hope the children living on Albemarle Plantation and the grandchildren who visit will enjoy playing for years to come.

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