GOLF NEWS A Battle as “Old as Time”… AP’s Ladies and Gentlemen Golfers go Head-to-Head!

May 16, 2024 | About Albemarle, Amenities, Golf News

by Tony Edwards 

In October 2023, the golfing ladies and gentlemen of AP squared off with the two-day result of this friendly but focused competition being A TIE! So, there was a lot to play for when the opposite sexes faced each other again in this year’s Battle of the Sexes. Yes, you got it, bragging rights! 

April 17 and 18 were scheduled for play, with the first day’s format being pairs net better ball match play. With perfect weather and course conditions fast and firm, eight teams for each side battled with purpose; and it resulted in four wins apiece. Players retired to the pavilion to enjoy beer, wine, and “munchies” and talk up their prospects for the second-and-deciding day’s play. 

I took over command of the gentlemen from Bob Petersen, who had gone to play golf down south with family! Maybe he had a premonition of what was to come? After hearing all sorts of war stories and being advised of a variety of ailments, I was able to muster what was left of the “League of Gentlemen.” I was still quietly confident that my guys could prevail. 

Mary Cassidy, captaining the ladies, was as cool as a cucumber as she efficiently checked off her players and made ready for the shotgun start on this second and final day. The ladies already had taken the high ground, resplendent in their pink attire, and I could feel a slight nervousness spreading through the guys in blue. Pressure… What pressure? 

The second day’s format was net pairs scramble match play, and I was playing in the final group alongside Jim Ermi, facing off against captain Mary and her able teammate, Karen St. John. We battled long and hard… Well, “battled” may be a little strong… It was more like a duel with feather dusters at 200 yards! Our match extended to all 18 holes and ended in a tie! It was not surprising that when we finally got back to the pavilion, much later than most, we were met with jubilant excitement bordering on ecstasy! And that could only mean one thing… The ladies had triumphed 6 wins to 2 for the day, and 10 to 6 overall! 

Captain Mary said, “The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but not just because they won the competition. Several had been a bit nervous thinking the men would be much stronger. But in the end, the results proved otherwise, and they enjoyed the spirited banter and the “trash talking”! They are really looking forward to defending THEIR title next year.” I’m sure the men will be just as keen to get their own back! 

It was a fun two days of golf played in great spirit, and we look forward to increasing the number of teams next year. Many thanks to Mary Cassidy, Bob & Mary Petersen, Emily Olah, Kameron Hall, and Jennifer Pierce for helping to make it such a remarkable success. 


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