Folktales, Legends, and Mysteries from North Carolina: Devil’s Tramping Ground

Oct 28, 2023 | Places to Visit

North Carolina has a rich tradition of folklore, and it encompasses a variety of magical legends and unexplained natural phenomena – today we’ll explore a mystery in western Chatham County. The Devil’s Tramping Ground is a roughly 40-foot perfect circle devoid of most vegetation.

Regional legend claims that Satan himself frequents this area on his nightly walks, pacing the circle as he contemplates his evil deeds. Though surrounded by normal vegetation, attempts to plant just about anything on the path through the circle have all failed and anything left there seems to mysteriously disappear. Locals have been unsuccessful in trying to transplant the wiry grass to other soils. Visitors have attempted to anchor sticks and other obstacles in the barren area, but morning always finds these obstacles cleared away.

Other theories have arisen to explain this strange landmark just west of Raleigh. Some believe it was an ancient meeting place for Native American tribes, who made the location bare with ceremonial dances. Others have tried to link the ‘Lost Colony’ to the site. While scientific explanations say this area may have been trampled down by horses used in operation of a mill. Soil samples concluded that the area may be sterile due to high salt content, as remains of natural salt licks were found in the area.

If you are tempted to walk with the devil at night, you’ll find his tramping ground just ten miles from Siler City. Happy Halloween!

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