EXPERTISE AND TEAMWORK UNLEASHED: Friends and Residents Dig In on Construction of a New Dog Park

Jun 6, 2020 | Life at Albemarle Plantation


EXPERTISE AND TEAMWORK UNLEASHED: Friends and Residents Dig In on Construction of a New Dog Park

Albemarle Plantation is a beautiful place— right down to its Dog Park. In January, the new Dog Park was approved by the Albemarle Plantation Property Owners Association and the Architectural Review Committee. And now, construction on this exciting project has begun.

You know the old saying ‘good fences make good neighbors…’ Well, here at Albemarle Plantation, we’ve changed it up a bit… good neighbors make GREAT fences. A team of Albemarle Plantation volunteers have come together to bring a new Dog Park to life where residents’ dogs can exercise, play and socialize. Work began on March 7th when 15 volunteers met at the Community Center and created attractive finials for 114 fence posts. Yes, 114.  This capable (and indefatigable) team formed an assembly line to produce the finials, utilizing a jig designed by resident, Joe Minoski.

The finials aren’t typical of what you’d expect at a ‘dog park.’ They’re elegant, aesthetically pleasing and are designed to match the style of the existing fence that graces Plantation Estates.

Just a few days later, the posts were being installed. We appreciate the work of Alonzo Martinez Fence Company in professionally setting the posts and the generosity of our Albemarle Plantation residents whose contributions covered the cost of materials and labor.

Next came the installation of the fencing rails—which blend beautifully with our Community Center fence. Board fencing was lined with screen wiring to keep the dogs safely contained, while keeping the authentic style of the existing community fencing.

It wasn’t just the design and construction that had to be considered during these work sessions—gatherings were conducted with health and safety of our residents in mind. With careful consideration of the latest guidelines for health and safety, teams met and worked through March to continue fence construction.

Head of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Dog Park, Dick Zimmerman, shared more with us about the Dog Park and what comes next. Dick and his wife, Jacquie, relocated to Albemarle Plantation in 2015 from Colorado, and moved into their newly constructed waterfront home in December of 2016.

“We’re water people,” says Dick, “and we’ve been sailors most of our lives.” No wonder Albemarle Plantation was a good fit for the Zimmermans. Their seven-year-old Labradoodle, Molly, took to the place, too. She now loves the space and freedom of the new Dog Park, where she can run as fast as her long Labradoodle legs can carry her.

Like many good things that happen in a close-knit community, the idea for this  Dog Park developed organically. Members of the community started talking about creating a Dog Park some time ago. A committee was formed and the project was envisioned and organized. Soon it was approved to move ahead. “We had eight or nine on the committee,” explains Dick. “There have been around 30 volunteers who have worked on construction and we’ve had more than 60 people contribute to fund it.”

The result of their teamwork is a spacious, well-designed Dog Park, now being enjoyed by both human and canine neighbors, alike.

And there’s more on the horizon, Dick tells us. “Next we’re looking at landscaping. We’d like to plant trees for shade, and are considering a pavilion,” he says. “We’d also like to add benches, so people can relax as they watch the dogs have fun.”

And the future may hold even more: volunteers are talking about the possibilities of adding a water feature, a dog agility course and several other enhancements.

As several of our residents have expressed, the Dog Park endeavor has become much more than just a construction project. It was a chance for neighbors and friends to come together, work to achieve a shared goal and put aside the many current challenges going on in the world right now.

As the Dog Park continues to take shape, there is much more that our incredible community volunteers will be taking on. We appreciate the energy and passion of all the volunteers who have taken part and all those who have stepped forward to help as work continues on this exciting project!

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