CLUB CORNER: Italian Heritage Club

Oct 23, 2022 | Food & Drink, Resident Clubs

By: Kevin Jones

“Ciao a tutti in Albemarle Plantation.” This month’s Club Corner is about the Italian Heritage Club of Albemarle Plantation.

The Italian Heritage Club was started in 2015 by Angela Ermi. Along with the assistance of Kim Mascolo and the original members, affectionately known as the founding fathers, Angela has grown the club to over 80 members. I was amused to learn that when folks inquire about the club, there are two things that are typically said first: “I love Italian food!” and “Do I need to be or speak Italian to join?” Keep reading for the answers.

The club is a gathering of residents that revel in all things Italian. The group gathers to learn from one another by sharing information and stories regarding the culture, geography, history, and personal experiences relating to Italy. Now that I’ve listed the IMPORTANT part of the club…no, you don’t need to be or speak Italian to join, and yes, the sharing of food and wine is a part of it too.

The Italian Heritage Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month with the exceptions of July and August. The interactive meetings are a fun time to review topics and participate in activities that relate to Italy. Member input is highly encouraged. To learn more about the Italian Heritage Club of Albemarle
Plantation, please contact: Angela Ermi at (732) 236-5945 or by email

Also, if anyone is interested, Angela can provide Italian language lessons. There is a bit of work involved, so ask Angela for more details.

If all things Italian interest you, then join the club and you too can learn to play Tombola, pick up some Italian language skills, enjoy the friendships, and immerse yourself in the culture of Italy. Please, just don’t forget…“It’s not all about the food.”

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