Choosing Your Perfect Retirement Home

Apr 2, 2022 | Home, Life at Albemarle Plantation

Congratulations, you’ve retired! Now you are ready to make the leap to choosing the perfect home of your retirement years. This home will represent the culmination of your life’s work and is your chance to fulfill some of the dreams you’ve had for years.

When searching for the perfect retirement home, your priorities change. You are most likely no longer concerned with living in a great school district or having bedrooms for all the kids. Rather, your focus is turned to finding features that will help you age in place and minimize the amount of work and upkeep you’ll have to worry about.

Click here to view current listings in Albemarle Plantation and consider some of the below factors when choosing a home for your retirement years.

Mobility and Accessibility. Thinking about future mobility needs might seem daunting but with some simple design elements you can enjoy your home for many years. Consider single-level living, by minimize the number of steps in your home you’ll be prepared if walkers or wheelchairs become necessary. Look for homes with wide hallways, 36-inch doorways and open spaces. Having a large bathroom and at least one walk-in shower will make your home more accommodating. Also consider having counter spaces in the bathroom and kitchen that can be used whether standing or sitting. Consider your appliances, will you always be able to bend down to use the dishwasher, or oven? Do you need appliances raised? Can you reach the microwave and refrigerator easily?

Location. Even healthy people should consider access to quality health care when they buy a home. Albemarle Plantation is twenty minutes from medical care facilities. We also offer an active lifestyle where residents make friends and memories for a lifetime. We offer ‘resort living’ and quality homes in a vibrant setting. Come visit us and discover the joy of living in an incredible community with the sparkling Albemarle Sound as your backdrop.

Plan on Having Room.  Will you be sharing your home with out-of-town guests and family? You may need more guest space if your family doesn’t live in the same town. Multigenerational living is becoming more common. If you expect an children or grandchildren to join you, consider spaces that would work for them. A guest suite over the garage might work well for your needs.

Be sure to view our special pricing and book your visit today! Guests enjoy a 3-day/2-night stay with access to the one-of-a-kind amenities offered at Albemarle Plantation. Kayak on the stunning Albemarle Sound, bike through the community and get to know the residents as you dine at the clubhouse. Take this opportunity to explore the area!

Albemarle Plantation is more than just a golf course and marina community. A full list of amenities means there’s never a dull moment. And a full crew of helpful staff means we’re always happy to accommodate your needs.

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