BOLO for NEWCOMERS Mike and Cindy Cheamitru

Jan 9, 2024 | Uncategorized

by Kevin Jones 

Typically when writing BOLO’s, I save a unique or unusual tidbit for the end of the article. This time I’m putting it here at the top…Cindy had a pet skunk. Now the reader might think it stinks that I placed that tidbit right at the opening, but rest assured, it was for a good reason. 

Mike and Cindy Cheamitru, (I know it looks hard to say but try this CHe mē true) were driving down the highway one day and saw a sign…Albemarle Plantation – NATURE, as well as golf, boating, and some other stuff. They decided to stop in to inquire and ended up booking a Discovery Package visit. 

During their tour they really took the time to survey Albemarle Plantation. They were truly awestruck by the community, but unfortunately couldn’t find an existing home they liked. Boy oh boy, that stinks (ba-dum-dum-TSH). But all was not lost; they decided to look at lots to build on. Visiting one particular piece of waterfront property on Frank’s Creek, they stood in the middle of the lot taking in the abounding nature. An eagle flew by, a few fish jumped, a squirrel ran out, paused long enough to wave hello, and then ran up a tree. Cindy exclaimed aloud “I could live here!” They bought the property and decided to build a home. 

One of the main aspects that Mike and Cindy loved about AP was the uncluttered, non-crowded feeling. They are outdoorsy people and love the quiet. Coming from Montgomery County, MD, they certainly have found somewhere less crowded and much quieter. 

Cindy was a Recreation Specialist, Contract Administrator for the county recreation program and is now retired. Mike is retired as well. He worked as a civilian for the Navy in the RDT&E division (Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation). Mike was an engineer tasked with testing submarines and undersea structures. He was one of the lucky few that handled the sea trials of a submarine, just to make sure there were no leaks or implosions and to ensure no mistakes were made, such as the installation of screen doors. 

Having made the decision to build a home was a life altering decision. They packed up all their worldly possessions, placed everything in three different storage locations, and sold their home. They handled all the moving themselves, and man did that stink (ba-dum-dum-TSH). Mike and Cindy rented a house until the home construction was complete. On September 1, 2023, they moved into their new home in the Riverwood neighborhood, just in time for their 35th wedding anniversary. Their son James joined them. He loves it here at AP too, and has his own apartment in the FROG. 

One of the things that came out of the Covid era is the use of Zoom for family sessions. They cherish the time they can catch up with family without the planning and hassle of travel. 

Mike is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy and even though they’re in a brand new home, there is no shortage of projects to be undertaken. As I mentioned, they are outdoorsy people and look forward to fishing, kayaking, walking, bike riding, and bocce. 

When you’re out and about and see Mike and Cindy, give them a nice AP wave and say hello. Also be sure to mention how much the AP sales team wildlife department is appreciated for training the eagles, fish and squirrels to pop out on cue. After having a brief chuckle, then ask Cindy about her pet skunk —’Chanel.’ What a good name! 

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