Behind Every Great Community is a GREAT Library

Aug 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

by Jennifer Poppert, Susan Burgess, and Cheryl Jennings

by Jennifer Poppert, Susan Burgess, and Cheryl Jennings

About 14 years ago Natalie and George Bero came up with the idea of having a centrally located exchange librarylibrary on the Plantation and chose the pool house as the logical location.  With the help of neighbor Jack Sackett, George got to work installing four shelves, and Natalie put a notice in her newsletter asking for book donations. It wasn’t long before the library outgrew those four shelves, so more were added.  As residents donated more and more books, we needed someone to manage the library, so Cheryl Jennings and Ginny Puritz stepped up and became our very own AP librarians.

Seven years ago Jim Nordurft (our golf pro at the time) pushed through a budget item to have professional shelving installed.  Although it was a very exciting time for those of us who tried to keep things neat and tidy at the library, it did mean ALL the books had to be boxed while the shelves were being built and painted.  You can just imagine what a chore that was!

For a period of time the library had to share space with fitness equipment, but when the equipment was moved to the Community Center this past year, the library found itself with more space…and room for more books!  The solution:  a new set of shelves made by Dan Clark, who did a wonderful job!

In 2014 Jennifer Poppert and Susan Burgess took over the management of the library.  They alphabetized the fiction books by author and grouped the non-fiction selection.  To help keep books in order, Susan made labels for each letter of the alphabet.  Fiction titles range from bestselling authors like John Grisham and Nora Roberts. There is a large selection of non-fiction, including travel, history, and sports—and fun books as well (see photo).  DVD’s are now on the top shelf for easier viewing and puzzles and games are plentiful.

Donations of books in good condition are always accepted, but we no longer accept magazines, as there is not enough space for them.   When you take out a book, please don’t feel it has to be returned.  If a book goes along on your travels and you finish it, pass it on.  Even guests and visitors to the Plantation are encouraged to take out a book or two.

Susan says, “People should feel free to come up and spend time enjoying the view and perusing a good book selection.”  For your comfort, a couch and two armchairs have been added to a delightful seating area.  The Plantation has a great little library.  Stop by and check it out


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