AP Actors “Can’t Beat the House”

Nov 15, 2023 | Area Info, Life at Albemarle Plantation

By Pat Winter 

The Carolina Moon Theater (CMT) presented “You Can’t Beat the House” to packed audiences in their theater this October. This genre of this play, set in modern times, is known as “screw ball” because the script provides the audience with one wisecrack after another. Once the play begins, the quips and one-liners just keep coming and can even bring an unexpected chuckle from the actors themselves. 

Two bungling burglars break into a house that is for sale. Before they can leave, the thieves find themselves confronted by the house’s real estate agent who confidentially tells them the house is haunted. The agent’s departure leaves the burglars no time to sneak away before two potential home buyers arrive, followed by her mother and his secretary. Before long a policewoman and her overprotective mother stop in to alert them about some robberies in the neighborhood. But the fun really begins when renowned medium Madame Zenobia arrives to conduct an exorcism of the house’s ghost, who may or may not be real. You can decide! 

Three AP residents were part of this wonderful cast of characters. The mastermind of the burglars was played by Paul Hotz, dressed in black, who couldn’t seem to get himself out of that house. Mary Sue Rieger played the potential buyer’s not-so-bright secretary with her Barbie-like costuming complete with studious looking glasses. Nancy Motycka, dressed to make any self-respecting gypsy jealous, played the medium Madame Zenobia who was more than ready to pull off a scam. 

Behind the scenes, AP residents were active from start to finish in making this play come to life. The play’s direction was under the watchful eye of Linda Kaul in conjunction with co-director and producer Lynne Raymond. Charlie Pencinger volunteered his time serving as the play’s sound engineer, while Betsy Strader and Kathy Gergovich worked on costume designs. Makeup was provided by Joyce Frace and Annette Berg. Mary Sheys created the evening’s playbill, Dodie Colyer served as ticket agent, and Cindy Williams was in charge of the night’s hospitality. 

Interested in joining the Carolina Moon Theater family? Lynne Raymond, also President of the Carolina Moon Theater Board of Directors, can help you get started. She can be reached at 63lynner@gmail.com. 

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