How Life on the water
was meant to be

More than three decades ago, a new kind of community was established on these spectacular Inner Banks: a place that offered full access to the gorgeous waters of the Sound; a private haven where residents could feel both secure and completely free to pursue their passions; a retreat that blended nature, world-class amenities, great golf, and good friends. In 1993, Albemarle Plantation welcomed its first residents. Since, the community has grown to include scores of homes and nearly two hundred(?) residents who enjoy the refreshing, authentically coastal lifestyle it provides. Recognized as ‘America’s 100 Best Places to Live,’ Albemarle welcomes new friends every day who seek beauty, respite, and adventure along the captivating Albemarle Sound.


Set among historic small towns and breathtaking natural beauty, Albemarle is a coastal haven like no other. Add to that its convenience and proximity to major metros like Virginia’s Tidewater region and this private, waterfront haven becomes even more perfect.

Our Historic Hometown of Hertford

is the seventh oldest town in North Carolina and celebrates its distinct flavor and coastal culture throughout the year.

A Centuries-Old
Story Continues

In 1586, the first European explorers sailed the waters of what we now call the Albemarle Sound. This bountiful and enchanting area has attracted settlers, traders, and adventurers for centuries. Now, Albemarle Plantation and this spectacular, storied region are a welcoming, coastal retreat for modern-day adventurers and those seeking the ideal place to call home.

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