A Fortuitous Turn of Events

Sep 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

Sometimes the turn you don’t want to make ends up leading to the dream you’ve always wanted to live. 

Case in point: Arlene and Terry Tesmer, who recently moved to their dream retirement home in the Belmont neighborhood of Albemarle Plantation.

The Tesmers were both school teachers in Napierville, IL and first heard about our community at a Live South Expo in the Chicago area back in 2006.  

A few months later they headed South to look at potential retirement destinations. Albemarle Plantation was the last place on their list, and they came close to bagging the visit and heading back home to Illinois. 

At the last minute, they made the turn off 17 and drove down to the gates of our community. They saw the Welcome Home sign, waved to a woman in a red jogging suit, met their sales executive, and fell in love with the Plantation’s special beauty and unique lifestyle.

They purchased their homesite on that very first visit.

Today they make their home in “a built for retirement fun house” on Standardbred Way, looking out on a natural area and the Belmont Waterway. They have a front-row seat to a parade of wildlife, including a resident heron they’ve named Hertie in honor of their new hometown of Hertford. 

Their two dogs – Wrigley the Westie and Ginny the Havanese – also enjoy greeting the passing wildlife.

The Tesmers didn’t take long to get involved in the life of the community. They are active in the Newcomers’ Club and participate in the bowling league. They’ve bought a deck boat and joined the Osprey Yacht Club. They’ve had no trouble making a lot of new friends.

“The people here are fantastic, so friendly and enthusiastic,” Arlene said. “And to think, we almost missed it. We’re so lucky we made the turn that day.”

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