EnjoyAP.us – Info about Albemarle Plantation

Dec 15, 2022 | About Albemarle

Do you have friends “outside our gates” who ask you when Dockside or the Clubhouse is open? Or when Sound Golf Links opens on a Sunday, and how can they make a tee time? Or how much does it cost to keep a boat at our marina for the summer months.

Now you can direct them to our new public site, EnjoyAP.us, where the answers to these questions can be answered for them without the need for a password. Designed as a gateway to our amenities open to the public, this site was launched just last month. Filled with beautiful photographs, this site’s goal is not only to provide information about our commercial amenities to non-residents, but also to pique their interest in coming through our gates.

If non-residents want information about our Sound Golf Links, they can find detailed information about hours and fees, including a map of the course and a
score card. Clubhouse and Dockside menus are available and updated regularly, along with hours of operation for each dining location. The Albemarle Marina information includes a listing of services our marina offers, along with links to APMarina.us and the Albemarle Loop. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to visit this site to see what kind of amenity information is available there to the public.

This site’s URL is easy to remember. Be sure to let non-residents know how they can visit us anytime on EnjoyAP.us.

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