2016 Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Classic

Aug 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

by Kenny Saunders, PGA

It is officially OFFICIAL!  The Sound Golf Links will host the 2016 Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Classic at Albemarle Plantation on June 19-25, 2016.  This year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.  Give me a minute or three to tell you why.  Let’s go back to the beginning, if you will bear with me.

The 2014 event was organized by the NGA Tour, and, as we know, the NGA had a rough year, but our event was golfsuper successful.  During the off-season the NGA Tour was purchased by a company called SwingThought.com, and it became the tour sponsor as well as the namesake. The SwingThought Tour had a pretty successful 2015, but we went with another tour for our 2015 event called the eGolf Tour.

The eGolf Tour had a good year in 2015. Our event went off without a hitch and once again was super successful.  But another big move was made in the off-season:  lo and behold  the SwingThought Tour purchased the eGolf Tour. This is life in the minor leagues, if you follow baseball at all.  Now that the two most successful developmental tours have combined as one, they will not be competing for the limited number of golfers trying to make a living playing professional golf.

So this brings me to the conclusion that the Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Classic-SwingThought Tour hosted by The Sound Golf Links at Albemarle Plantation will be the biggest and best tournament yet.  Now you have six months to learn how to say the title.

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